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Business & growth strategy

Growth, turn-around, market entry and defense

Corporate & portfolio strategy

Portfolio mix, synergies, investor strategy, financial management

Organization and operation model

Structure, governance, processes, KPIs, role of center

Commercial strategy and support

Go-to-market, data mining, sizing, competition

Transaction support & due diligence

Target review, valuation, negotiation support

People and Talent

Employee engagement, change management

PMO, execution support

PMO set-up and support in implementation

Efficiency & business excellence

Product and process simplification, outsourcing

Capability building

Nurve Partners support building key capabilities in enterprises. We work closely with enterprises from all around the world to set-up the right tool-kits and the skill-sets and to define the engagement.


Nurve Partners advise leaders in enterprises on their key priorities. As business challenges arise, we engage with our business partners to help them identify and implement the appropriate solution. Nurve Partners advisory services are diverse and cover areas of high impact to the organizations.

Capability building

We assist enterprises filling senior vacant roles. Nurve Management team possesses the relevant capabilities to assume key responsibilities in Strategy, Finance, Commercial and HR functions.