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Developed the digital strategy for a leading telecom group in theGCC

Defined the digitalization stategy for a ajor banking group

Developed the turn-around program for a leading Telecom Operator in the GCC

Designed the Planning Process for medium sized company in Kuwait

Market assessment and financial modeling for a high-tech Rehab Center in the MENA region

Developed the Water, Waste Water Policy for a Ministry in the MENA

Developed recommendation and SOPs for a fashion e-commerce platform

Developed the operating model for the digital unit of a leading telecom in the GCC

Organizational restructuring and project turnaround for a leading waste management company in the MENA region

The development of the corporate operating model for a conglomerate in the GCC

Development of the organization design of the MoFA in the GCC

Market assessment and financial modeling for a startup to launch in the GCC